Text from the catalogue 'Life in a Glass house', a proposal for Municipal Art Acquisitions 2001/2002, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

George Korsmit

Never for a moment do the eyes relax when looking at George Korsmit's paintings 'Colourhealingscreen, Chance & Choice' (2002) and 'Sssh' (2000). For a short moment the clear colour surfaces seem like enlarged pixels from a TV screen. But any sort of reference soon disappears given the absence of any detectable order in the works. There is no mutual linkage between the clearly painted colour surfaces where a given colour never appears more than once. Korsmit deliberately causes this disorder in the paintings. He thinks up a system in advance whereby coincidence and selection determine both the format of the painting and the use of colour. He throws dice to determine the length and width of the grid on the canvas, while colours are selected .blind.. With this system Korsmit does everything he can to avoid the centuries-old laws of painting, like composition and perspective. What remains is Korsmit.s system, referring to the dynamic of our existence, in analogy to a game of dice. The result is the painting as fictive construction of life.